10 Popular House Siding Colors

10 Popular House Siding Colors

Whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing home, or redecorating your home, it's important to choose the right paint color. Listed below are 20 of today's most popular siding colors. Some of these are only  available from one paint manufacturer, while others are more widely available.

1. Autumn Red 

Autumn Red is a nostalgic, classic  rich red  reminiscent of an old traditional barn. This siding shade gives your home a bold yet cozy look. It is particularly well suited to farmhouse style homes, but is versatile enough to work wonders in modern architectural styles. Because the color is  bold, Autumn Red works best with warm neutrals like cream, beige, and tan.

2. Desert Tan 

Neutral colors are suitable not only for finishing, but also  for the siding itself. Desert Tan blends well with all architectural styles and regions of the country. Many people appreciate this siding color for its versatile appeal that works well with a variety of accent colors. It goes especially well with navy blue or green shutters or trim.

3. Coastal Blue 

While blue siding may seem too daunting to some, Coastal Blue manages to walk the line between comfort and boldness. This greyish-blue hue offers vivid colors without being overbearing, evoking serenity and serenity. This siding is very popular for homes in coastal states, but works well in most areas. Paired with a bright white finish, this siding creates the perfect beach style home.

4. Cyprus 

Green has always been a popular siding color, and more muted tones have come to the fore in recent years. Currently, the best of these is Cypress, which offers a soft, muted green hue that creates an almost neutral appearance. The tone works well with other earthy tones including creams, browns, and beiges. Cypress is particularly popular with homeowners in the northern United States because it complements the surrounding natural colors of trees, fields, and forests. This hue works best with a lighter neutral trim color, but you can also opt for white accents to create a striking contrast. 

5. Annotation 

It's hard to go wrong with gray tones that create a crisp, clean look that can transform almost any home. Gray is very versatile. It can be paired with bright contrasting colors like blue or green for a vibrant feel, or paired with neutral colors like cream, white or beige for a more subdued palette. 

6. Marigold 

Looking for warm yet bright colors to brighten up the exterior of your home? Just look at the pale yellow tones of the marigolds. This warm color is perfect for brightening up and brightening up your home without making it too bold. Combined with a crisp white finish, marigolds can be found in a variety of  architectural styles and in all regions.

7. Nantucket Gray 

Named after the region in which most homes can be found, Nantucket Gray is another warm, rich shade of gray with near-universal appeal. Nantucket Gray is a lighter, true neutral gray that  perfectly balances between warm and cool, light and dark. It works well in almost any architectural style and in any area.

8. Natural Clay 

Another popular color for homeowners who love white but don't want bright tones in their homes is natural clay. This off-white is cooler than cream or brown, but still warm enough to have a bit of personality. It works well with browns, beiges, and tans for those who want to create a monochromatic look for their home. 

9. Newport Taub 

Taupe was one of the colors of  2017, and for good reason. This soft shade is perfectly balanced between gray and beige. Light enough to be considered  neutral, but cooler in tone than most neutrals. Newport Taupe is a deeper version of the color that works very well with dark red and brown accents.

10. Olive 

If you like the idea of gray, but want a little more personality and color for your home, consider Olive. Another rich green shade that works well in the north, Olive is also close enough to gray to have a more universal appeal. You can find Olive on homes in the south, as well as on the west coast as well. 

Popular Siding Color Combinations 

Popular siding color combinations for homes can vary based on regional trends, architectural styles, personal preferences, and the desired aesthetic. However, here are a few popular siding color combinations that are commonly used: 

  • White and Gray: A classic and timeless combination, white siding with gray accents or trim creates a clean and sophisticated look. The contrast of bright white and  neutral gray gives a clean and modern feel. 
  • Beige and Cream: This combination exudes warmth and elegance. Beige siding is paired with cream trims and accents to create a soft, inviting look that works well with a variety of architectural styles. 
  • Sky Blue and White: Combine sky blue siding  with white accents for a fresh and inviting look. This combination often exudes a coastal or seaside vibe and can be particularly attractive for homes located near the coast or in sunny areas.  
  • Gray and Navy Blue: Gray siding with navy blue accents can create a bright, modern look. A deep, rich navy blue adds depth and visual interest to the overall color scheme.
  • Earth tones: A combination of earth tones such as tan, tawny, and olive green gives a natural and harmonious feel. These colors can blend well with the surrounding landscape to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.