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5th Grade Procedures for Ms. Ethridge's Class

5th Grade Student Binder Rules

5th Grade Student Binder Table of Contents & Class Rules

Welcome Letter to Parents - General Education Teacher

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5th Grade End of Year Culminating Activity

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5th Grade Student Work Samples 
- Edible Cells LAB -
     Students created edible models of plant and animal cells using bread rounds and regular loaf bread, peanut butter and/or jelly, pretzel sticks, Twizzlers, cereal, and chocolate candy. After creating their cells, students were required identify each type of cell as well as identify each organelle and its function.  NOTE: This activity would be modified in the case of any nut allergies, however, in this particular class, there were no peanut,  tree nut, or other food allergies as verified by parent permission for participation in the activity.

Edible Cells


- Plate Tectonics Lab -
Students used graham crackers and frosting to demonstrate the interactions of divergent and convergent plate boundaries. As they created each type of boundary, students were asked to explain what was taking place and what landform was being created by each (fold mountain, rift valley, mid-ocean ridge, trench, etc.)





Camp Invention @Austin Elementary June 2017
Facilitating the kindergarten group during camp invention was so much fun!
The students exchanged rich conversation as they worked together
to assemble a circuit with a switch which set off an alarm (small buzzer).


MWES Grade Chair Artifacts 2011-2013

5th Grade MWES - Grade Level Agenda

MWES School Improvement Plan Focus Walk

5th Grade Week Long Health Class Schedule


8th Grade Math Differentiated Lessons & Student Work Samples 


Estimating Imperfect Squares - Lesson Plan

Discovering Squares & Square Roots -Approaching Level

Hip to Be Square - On Level

Estimating Square Roots - Advanced Level

Student Work Samples - Estimating Square Roots


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