Weekly Vocabulary Words

Story Terms I  (Test on Wednesday, December 4th)

exposition-the introduction of the story, where the main characters or other elements are introduced

rising action-events leading to the main event/problem of the story

turning point/climax-the most exciting part of the story

falling action-events that lead to the problem/conflict being solved

resolution-events that bring the story to a close (also known as denouement)

theme/central message-the underlying message of a story, poem, or play

internal conflict-a struggle that takes place in a character's mind (ex.: man vs. self)

external conflict-a struggle between a character and an outside force (ex.: man vs. character, man vs. nature, and man vs. society, man vs. fate)

protagonist-the main character in a story or play, usually the hero of the story

antagonist-the character or a force in conflict with the main character, usually the villain