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 Dimmitt Middle School         

   Mr. Fitzgerald

   7th Grade Reading 


        Hello my name is Daniel Fitzgerald and I am entering my second year of teaching 7th grade Reading at Dimmitt Middle School.  I have greatly enjoyed my time here and look forward to starting the new year.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer, welcome back.  My hope with this webpage is that my classroom can be open and accessible and we can use various forms of communication thoughout the year.  The following information will be available:  communication blog, contact information, book information, grading policies, major projects and events.  Thanks for everything you do!                              


Daily Schedule:                        Click on hyperlinks to get more information on each category. 

1st: 8:10-8:59-Teaming/Intervention      Book Infomation:  A list and summary of the books we will read as a class.

2nd: 9:02-9:51-Reading                       Major Projects/Events:  Here you will find information on upcoming projects/test.     

3rd: 9:54-10:43-Reading                      Grading Policies:  Grading information and parent portal link.

4th: 10:46-11:35-Reading                    Communication Blog:  http://dimmitt7threading.blogspot.com/

5th: 11:38-12:27-Reading                                    -Post any questions or comments you have for me on the blog-

Lunch B: 12:30-1:07                          Contact Information:  Please feel free to comment using the available information.

6th: 1:10-1:59-Reading

7th: 2:02-2:51-Conference

8th: 2:54-3:45-Reading

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