Incentives/Reward System

The 10-point challenge: Each week 10 points can be given to the whole class depending on good behavior, positive attitudes, efforts made on class work, etc. if students are displaying any type of these behaviors, then points will be added to the board. Points can be taken away if students break any of the rules or expectations given on this website. If 10 points are on the board by the end of the week, the whole class will receive a surprise from Ms. Fournier! 

Dolphin Dollars: Dolphin Dollars can be given out to students based on good test/quiz grades, completion of homework assignments, and extra reading done from our classroom library. Dolphin dollars will be added up at the end of each month and collected by the teacher. The Dolphin Dollars be put in the classroom bank and will go towards our class fun day at the end of the year!