Home And Business Security Checklist


Always remember to double check your home and business security. Be prepared with a home/business security plan before disaster strikes. Alarm Systems The more you prepared are, the better chance you have of protecting yourself and your property, Though the best type of security is a monitored security system, there are many different ways to reinforce the security with in your home/shop Security Alarm.


  • Exterior Doors

Reinforce all exterior doors. Consider replacing plastic or Security Alarm System aluminium doors with solid wood or metal clad. If your door has glass inserts, make sure they are reinforced with security glazing. Security glazing is a strong and durable plastic that will keep intruders from breaking the glass to enter your Home Security System Bangalore. The Video Doorbell hinges also need to face inside your home, This way an intruder can’t access the pins and take the entire door off the frame. Keep exterior doors closed and locked when not in use, even if you’re only leaving for a few minutes.





  • Lighting

All driveways, pathways, and entry points must be lit. Consider installing motion detectors throughout your property. This will help away any potential Intruder Alarm System.


  • Windows

Use a supplemental lock for your windows with a key operated device. This will keep the window from being forced open from the outside. Security Systems You could also try out safety bars to completely ensure windows cannot be opened Burglar Alarm System.


  • Outdoor Security

Landscape with security in mind. Keep your shrub and bushes trimmed so there is no place for an intruder to hide. Make sure there are no dark areas to hide in as well. Home Security System Chennai Keep your gate latched and shed doors locked. Keep your lawn mower, lawn tools, and grill out of sight on your property.


  • Vacation

When away for an extended period, have someone look out for your property. Make sure the lawn is maintained and bushes are trimmed. Suspend newspaper deliveries and mail service while you are away as well. You do not ever want to give the appearance that your home is empty Home Security System Delhi.

Have a plan to keep your home and business secure. A 24×7 Monitored security system from DFS Services India does more than just make you feel safe, it keeps your home and business from being an easy target. Give us a call on +91 755 4926677 for more details Home Security Systems.