Below are both free math resources, that I highly recommend doing daily. xtramath is fluency practice, helping your scholar with their math facts. The other is zearn, it is a program aligned to Erueka and picks up right were we left off in math. Below are instructions on how to sign into both of these websites:



Click on sign in

  in the top right-hand corner ( in the gray bar)

click on the green tab for student.


first name: (your scholar's name)

PIN: ( your scholar's birth month and day.  Ex; February 13th would enter as 0213)



username: Scholar's username are their initials and the word eagle. 

Example: Kathy Gaines's username would be KGeagle 

password: Scholar's birth month and day. (mmdd)

Once you login in the classroom code is.. kg7b2b

The classroom code will light up green so you know it's typed in correctly! Hit login and your scholar is all good to go. (: