I will be updating the page with more reading tools as I get them uploaded with the classroom information. I ask that at least one assignment gets done a day in Reading A-Z. 


classroom code: vnz8474

click on your scholar!

 ** I assigned books to each scholar both for them to read and to listen to. They are in each scholars mailbox, top right hand corner! Books that I assigned for them to read reflects their current level, books to listen to are what level we are pushing to get to/ for scholars to enjoy.

** I really love this website it gives scholars access to chapter books! If you would like access to this site through the end of June please shoot me an email or Dojo message so we can get you setup!**

Reading A-Z:

This link above should get you right to the login page, no need to hassle with finding the 'sign in' button. 

teacher username: dgaines5

Find your scholar's button, and click on their name. 

student password: Scholar's birth month and day. (mmdd)

Once in, please click on the reading planet, and then my assignments. 

Scholars, should do at least one assignment every day. Once they are done, they go to level up! Every scholar has been assigned a reading level (a letter in the alphabet,  ex. Junie B. Jones reads on a level I, she is trying to level up to read on a level J). Level up!, also gives your scholar more choice of what they would like to read.