Science/Social Studies

Just like with Reading, this page will be updated with more links in the coming days. Science is also going to be on Reading A-Z. The login is the same, its down below just in case! Once your scholar is logged in the will click on the science planet, and then onto my assignments. Once they are done with their assignments feel free to check out other things in science library or In the news. 

Reading A-Z:

This link above should get you right to the login page, no need to hassle with finding the 'sign in' button. 

teacher username: dgaines5

Find your scholar's button, and click on their name. 

student password: Scholar's birth month and day. (mmdd)



class code: ssbfyy

step 2: click on 'I'm new to flocabulary!'

step 3: create a username for your scholar and a password. (please make the username first initial and last name, or some way where I can identify your scholar! (: )

* I could not create an account for every scholar, because I did not have everyone's email on hand at the moment. So decided this would be the easiest route.'

step 4: Once you are into Flocabulary you have access to all of their videos. I have given assignments- these can be found in the assignments tab at the top of the screen when you log in!