About Me

Birth to Kindergarten Teacher /McDonough,GA: Experience (All Grades) including Special Education

Email dgalarza2013@gmail.com


I hold a BA from Ashford University in social science, specialization in 
education, Clinton Iowa 

I hold a M.A. in Education with a specialization in family and community
services from Ashford University, Clinton Iowa 

Certification in progress with the University of West Florida in Birth to Kindergarten. 

I have experience in the past with several workshops, in-service 
training,special education, behavioral management, Head Start, 
reading literacy, foster care,online instructor teaching ESL from ages
6-adult,and international students programs.I also worked in the school
district for more than 15 years, with different levels of students including
special education with severe problems and mental disorder which included
students who were either in gangs related or in jail for criminal charges, it
also included suicidal students who needed to get back on their feet and get
the help they needed to succeed in life. 

I also taught online to students with live white board instruction on weekends
or some weekdays that are arranged with students.I taught ESL,English
Lit.,AutoCad online. From ages 5 to adult. Right now I'm working on my own website called 
"TeachUs" on Youtube that are in process, that will
take my past experiences and teach content that serves, students, teachers and 
administrators globally.

Student development is important part of education and I am continuously
learning, monitoring and providing students with a good education for all
students, before or after school assistance if they require the extras help or

I believe student engagement is effective teaching:
Students who are engaged in their work are energized by four goals—success,
curiosity, originality, and satisfying relationships. My challenge is to
transcend these very real difficulties and provide a practical model for
understanding what our students want and need. 

Our classrooms today are rethinking motivation. Engagement is
first to help me discover what I'm already doing right and then to encourage
the cultivation of everyday classroom conditions that foster student
motivation and success.Keeping every student engaged in the curriculum is the
primary challenge for me. If my students are doing what they should be doing,
then I do not have any management problems. I believe if you are creative in what you teach in any 
curriculum, students can have fun, understand the purpose of what they are
learning, and discover their world. 

Every student is unique, not one size fits all.

My mission is that I believe that each student has the ability to succeed as
long as they are given encouragement, the opportunity and the proper
resources. My goals for each student is personal at its best when it comes to
safe, caring environment in which free to express their opinions and mature
into responsible adults in society. Being a educator, its a blessing to assist
a student into their journey and provide them with guidance along the way.