Remind App/Contact Me

Join Remind APP and download it to your phone, ipad or laptop. Whichever is easier. I do all three.

Enter code: PreK18/19@mrsdgalar (if you have a problem with signing in let the teacher know)

Once signed on to the app, you can contact me via text,or email.

Hours Monday thru Friday 5:30 to 10:15pm

You will get all your classroom announcements thru this app, please read them, they include trips, events, graduation, etc. We can't be responsible for getting the message to everyone. We do try our best, to get the word out to parents. But it is also the parent responsiblity to know what is going on inside your child's classroom.

Please do not call up the front office if you need information on certain things that are going on in the classroom. Please call one of the teachers, there are three Pre K classrooms inside the building. Contact the teacher or assistant we do not want any confusion. We always post announcements on the door or on the remind app. You also receive a news letter every Thursday that has to be returned by Friday of announcements please read them.