This page will answer questions commonly asked by children and parents.
  1. Homework
  2. What about assessments?
  3. Threats to staff or children


Homework is given, but not everyday, unless noted in the homework agenda. Pre K homework is not
mandatory to do. It's just for practice and to carry it over at home. This also helps children
be more independent and shows responsibility.

What about assessments?

Yes, assessments will be done in math, language and literacy, social development, emotional development
creative development, health and physical development, social studies,and science.

Threats to staff or children

In my past experiences I have seen parents who walked in to the classroom and have went up to other children because
of either bullying has occurred or some kind of minor problem between the two children. I will not tolerate a parent taking
charge of the situation in my classroom towards a child, or threatening the child for any reason. It should be brought up to the director in charge or myself the teacher. If my children are threatened by an adult who is taking things into their own hands the authorities will be contacted immediately to escort you off the property.