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Reading to children has been repeatedly shown to improve their reading,
writing and communication skills, logical thinking, concentration and general
academic aptitude… as well as inspire a love of reading. The Screen Actors
Guild Foundation records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes
graphically dynamic videos so that children around the world can be read to
with just the click of a Storyline Online video book image. Fun site and free.
Your children will love it.


Storyline Online video books for children 


Free music lessons with different instruments to underserved K-12 
grades the site contains all the lessons which are free to stream as 
well as videos, games,and other downloads. 
Little Kids Rock 


Making spelling practice fun with the interactive website for all 


Make children have healthy choices with free game, science 
activities, lesson plans, and worksheets the materials are standard 
based and available for all grades.
Learn to be Healthy


Library of Congress, free digitized primary resources both in 
original and objects from history. Learn how to locate and use 
primary sources, get printable tool to help students analyze primary 
resources and more. 
The Teachers Page


Teach kids how to be safe while online, animated videos, games and 
more its a free website from the National Center for Missing & 
Exploited Children which teaches the kids the key safety issues such 
as cyber-bullying, online predators and more. 
Parents, Guardians, Teachers 


Reading to your children is important, have them read at least an 
hour a day,check out books here and other resources in the site
Reading Literacy for Children 


This is an excellent site for children to practice science, math and reading
English, Math, Science 


By now every child in the classroom should of received their password to log
on into the site. If you didn't receive one please contact me.


Georgia Department of Education/Scholarships for Children with Special Needs:
Provides eligible children with the opportunity to attend another
private/public school. 
GA Dept.of ED


Parent to Parent of Georgia : A statewide nonprofit organization that provides
support, information and resources to parents of children with disabilities
ages birth through twenty-six. 1-800-229-2038 
Parent to Parent of GA


Peachcare for Kids: Affordable health insurance for uninsured children birth
to eighteen. 1-877-GA-PEACH 
PeachCare for Kids 


Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids: Listing of Georgia-based therapists, support
groups and other resources for children with disabilities and their families.
Wrightslaw yellow Pages for Kids


Families of Children Under Stress (FOCUS): Support group for families of
children with disabilities and other special health care needs. 
Families of Children Under Stress (FOCUS)


Ms.Sabina does private tutoring to children. Located in Lawrenceville,GA 30046

For more information:
call: 610-772-5869
Ms.Sabina Sobhan 


Flower Power Fundraiser
Starts . Soon to be updated: 


Great site for any one. Love writing stories. How does it work, great also for
teachers who teach English writing skills to their students to help them
improve writing skills. How does it work?
You can either create your own story or continue on someone else's. After two
drafts have been added for a chapter, a countdown starts. This is the
remaining time when other people can add new drafts for the chapter.

When the countdown has reached to zero, a voting round will start, featuring
all the drafts that had been added. Check it out. Fun site, love it. And great
for help to improve writing but in a fun way. 
Story Wars 


Hands-on Science Resources for Home and School
Science Buddies 


Preschoolers are curious by nature. Use that curiosity to expand their
understanding of the world and science. 
Science For Preschoolers 


Escape room games, geometry games, math movies, tutorials, timed tests, manipulatives, and more for you children at the free Hooda Math website.

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