Puente 10 Homework Log


8-23: A) Intro letter to Mr.G

       B) Rain of Gold Books

       C) Rain of Gold Assignments

8-24: A) On the Question of Race

       B)Completed Binders

       C) Rain of Gold Books

8-26: Take notes/annotate "XX" by Baca for Baseline

8-27: A) Family Legend #1 chart

        B) Family Photo

8-30: A) First Draft Picture Vignette, B) Draft 20 Questions for interviews

8-31: Final Draft of Picture Vignette


9-1: A) Start Interviews

      B) Back to School Night

9-2: Continue Family Legend Interviews

9-3: First Draft of Family Legend 3 pages!

9-6: No School (:

9-7: Rewrite and draft 6-page Family Legend 

9-8: Revise Family Legend second draft due 9/10 (10 page minimum)

9-9: Continue Family Legend

9-10 - 9-14 : Continue FL

9-15: Yo Soy Joaquin College Mark up, and 2 Golden lines

9-16: A)Reflection of Yo Soy Joaquin Video & group class

       B)Family Legend Final draft due Mon, Sep.20

9-20:  A)Brave New World Research Assignment presentations

         B) "This is a Suit" Reflection

         C) Read "The Bear that wasn't" and write a 2 page response

9-22: Start your "cheat cheat" for quiz on Friday. Cheat cheat must be one page long (back and front) on the research topics given in class from BNW   

9-23: Finish cheat sheets

9-24: TTT and sheet questions

9/27: Read and TTT on BMW #9

9/28: Read Ch.1 and take notes on characters you met on this chapter

9/29: Read Ch. 2 and answer questions

9/30: A. Read Ch. 3 and 4

         B. Answer questions

         C. Write reflection


10/13: Ch. Q's

10/16: Read Ch. 13 & 14, finish side one of Lit. Map outline

10/20: Finish both sides of Lit. Map and essay

10/22: Reflection of the movie

10/28: Finish either Death Poem or dialogue


11/01: No school

11/02: Finish Ch. 17-18 from BNW

11/05: Finish final lit. analysis essay and study for test

11/09: Finish refelction

11/10: Vocab. sheet and read Fahrenheit 451 up to pg.22

11/12: Answer reading Q's and read up to pg.45

11/15: Read up to pg.72 and fill in boxes from Literary Analysis Vocab. sheet

11/16: Side 1 of Lit. Map and Reading Assignment #2

11/17: Reading Assignment #3 and read up to pg.123

11/22:  Side one of Lit. Map, finish Fahrenheit 451, and finish word search

11/23: Finish Lit. Analysis for Fahrenheit 451

11/30: "Which book is better?" Analysis


12/03: Fix Lit. Analysis

12/07: Read Night  pgs. 1-7 and take notes

12/08: Read from pg. 8-26 and get ready for quiz

12/09: Read pg. until 46 and answer questions

12/10: Read Maus and read Night until pg. 62, make a list of dehumanization in Night and Maus and list pages where found

12/13: Read up to pg. 72 in Night

12/14: Conflict sheet and reread Maus

12/15: Read Night until pg.86 and answer Q's

12/16: Read Night until pg. 98

12/17: Finish Night, start and finish Anne Frank, prepare 1st draft


01/05: Read pg.892-912 and answer Q's 1-4

01/07: Essay

01/20: Report on one of Mexican Heroes

01/26: Read and TTTT, write a 500 word analysis on paper or video

01/28: Notes on Chicano History& workbook


02/02: Timeline 

02/04: Finish timeline, finish Cesar Chavez reflection, study for test