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Biological and Sociological

Biological and Sociological


What are they?

A geographical community is a community defined over a geographical place. A biological community is a group of animals, plants or organisms that live within a certain habitat.


How they are linked?

These two communities are linked because the type of sociological community and how people are interacting socially can affect the biological community and the animals, plants and organisms that live within the biological community. The biological community is linked to the sociological community as if the biological community has a high amount of humans living within that biological community then this will be an urban sociological community with high amount of neighbours and friends. If the biological community was mainly plants and organisms with few humans within it. The sociological community would be more Urban and would have a different biological community within the urban community.


How might they affect each other?

These two communities may affect each other because the negative impact of a sociological community such as pollution, noise and use of space could potentially damage the biological community. Pollution could damage the biological community within the sociological community as pollution can harm plants and animals. The biological community can also be affected by the noise caused by the sociological communities as noise can scare off and unsettle certain animals forcing them to move to new biological communities away from their existing habitat.


Another reason how they could affect each other is the type of sociological community can harm or improve the biological community. A rural sociological community can be beneficial for a biological community as rural communities have more spaces for animals, plants and organisms and usually have cleaner air and more nutritious food in rural areas due to a lack of pollution.


One final reason how they might affect each other is how a change in biological community may affect the type of sociological community that lives there. For example if in a biological community the amount of animals, plants and organisms starts to decrease there could be a reason for this. This could be because of the pollution/noise from an urban community or it could be a natural reason such as lack of resources/water/food. This may result in the people in that sociological community also deciding to move out due to the changes in biological community and having less resources to eat/drink.

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