Christmas Stockings

What is it?

A Victorian Christmas Stocking is a decorative stocking that was used to store small presents.The traditional Christmas Stocking were usually filled with lavender. The tiny stockings made a delightful but inexpensive gift and looked incredible when used with a Christmas printed cotton fabric.

Why was it popular in the Victorian Era?

Since the reforming of Christmas by Prince Albert this changed how Christmas was celebrated in Britain. Victorians started to give and receive more Christmas presents. Stockings were used when Victorians started decorating their houses with the stockings as a lovely Christmas decoration.

How is it made?

  1. Trace the pattern of the stocking on the fabric
  2. Fill the boot with lavender or potpourri and oversew the top edge
  3. sew the ribbon to ends
  4. Sew different decorations on the stocking to decorate.