Geographical and Biological

Geographical and Biological

What are they?

A geographical community is a community defined over a geographical place. A biological community is a group of animals, plants or organisms that live within a certain habitat.


How they are linked?

A geographical and biological community are linked together because a community that live in a geographical place will also be part of a habitat. These two communities often live next to each other. A geographical community where people live will be next to a biological community as there are various habitats around a town/city. These two communities are also linked because they often share similarities in terms of the climate and the habitat. Everywhere in the world can be defined under a geographical community, whether that is a town, city or a country. Similar to this every habitat in the world will have a biological community whether it is a woodland, desert, beach or forest habitat.


How might they affect each other?

If the geographical community was to increase (If a town was to get bigger) this would affect the biological community. This would affect the biological community because the space required to build houses and buildings for these geographical space usually comes from the biological communities. Biological communities are often destroyed to make way for new buildings. This is usually fields that are turned into housing estates or forests that are cut down to create space for roads or railways. The destroying of the biological communities to create more geographical communities therefore results in the biological community decreasing and the geographical community increasing.


Another reason how they affect each other is the pollution caused by the people who live in the geographical space can damage the biological communities. Pollution is a big problem caused by the people who live in geographical communities. If a biological community is situated next to a geographical community, the negative effects of pollution often damage the living habitat of the biological community. This can serious harm various different animals, plants and organisms in the biological community


One final reason how they might affect each other is how a biological community can massively influence a geographical space as a geographical space can be classified depending on what biological communities live within that space, particularly the biological communities of an urban community.