Geographical and Sociological

Geographical and Sociological

What are they?

A geographical community is a community defined over a geographical place. A sociological community is a community who interact socially with each other. For example neighbours and friends


How they are linked?

These two communities are linked together because usually a sociological community would live within a geographical community. The type of sociological community would be dependent on which type of community lived within that geographical community. Different geographical communities will have different sociological communities. For example an urban community will be in a different geographical community than a rural community


How might they affect each other?

These two communities might affect each other as the type of geographical community can heavily influence the type of sociological community. A change in the geographical community can affect the type of sociological community that lives within that geographical community.


Another way in which they might affect each other is that Geographical communities spreading out into rural communities results in the type of sociological community changing. The sociological community of a rural community where there are few neighbours and social opportunities would be heavily affected if the geographical community changed and move into the rural communities. The expansion of the geographical communities of towns often impact upon the rural communities situated outside of these popular geographical communities


One final way in which they could affect each other is that the type of geographical community could attract certain sociological groups to move to or away from those geographical communities. An example could be that people might move to a certain geographical community (A town) because of the type of sociological community that lives there. They might be attracted to move to certain geographical communities due to these communities having very social sociological communities