The Town and Country Mouse Paragraph 1


  • The town mouse ( A sophisticated, lavish and urban mouse who lives in the town. He was born in the countryside)
  • The country mouse (A simplistic, uncultured and rural mouse who lives in the countryside)


  • At the start of the paragraph we learn that on one morning, the town mouse woke up shivering from a dream that he had about the Kitchen cat. After this dream it made him realise that he needed a holiday.
  • The town mouse then decides to write a letter to his cousin who we find out lives in the countryside. We then find out in the story that the town mouse was born in the countryside, and that he remembered how quiet and peaceful the countryside was. This made him want to visit the countryside to be harmonious
  • Next in the paragraph we learn that the country mouse lives in the countryside, and he was exhausted from searching for food. We then find out that the country mouse as fed up living in the country, and he wished he lived in the town. This is the opposite of his cousin who would prefer to live in the country
  • At the end of the paragraph we find out that the town mouse was excited for his daytrip, and he decides to visit his cousin in the countryside.. He sets off on his holiday to the countryside.

Key Vocab

  • Sophisticated
  • Well travelled
  • Countryside
  • Harmonious
  • Uncultured
  • Quill