The Town and Country Mouse Paragraph 2


  • The town mouse ( A sophisticated, lavish and urban mouse who lives in the town. He was born in the countryside
  • The country mouse (A simplistic, uncultured and rural mouse who lives in the countryside)


  • At the start of this paragraph the town mouse arrives in the countryside to see his cousin. He stopped to have a picnic outside a thatched cottage.
  • Whilst this was happening the country mouse heard the town mouse having a picnic, so he came out to greet him. They went on a walk to find food. The mice were in the grassy meadows looking for lunch. After a long search the town mouse was unimpressed with the wild blackberries. The town mouse was disappointed that there wasn’t any food that he liked, and he wished he could eat some of the lovely food he had in the town.
  • Then we find out that they were both staring at a beautiful flower, but then it started to rain heavily. The two mice were walking back to the thatched cottage in the rain. The two mice were walking back to the cottage in their soaked fur, but a curious blackbird swung down and attacked them.
  • The town mouse wished he was back in the comfort of the town, so he invited the country mouse back to the town to show him how wonderful town life was. At the end of the paragraph the country mouse was excited to visit the town, so they both set off immediately to the town.

Key Vocab

  • Thatched cottage
  • unimpressed
  • meadows
  • soaked
  • blackbird