The Town and Country Mouse Paragraph 3


  • The town mouse ( A sophisticated, lavish and urban mouse who lives in the town. He was born in the countryside
  • The country mouse (A simplistic, uncultured and rural mouse who lives in the countryside)
  • The Kitchen Cat (A menancing feline cat who lives in the same house as the town mouse)


  • This paragraph starts when it was dark as the mice arrived in the town and the town mouse took the country mouse to his house.
  • The mice thought they had found a sumptuous bed. The two mice fell asleep, but they were abruptly awoken early in the morning by sooty clouds of smoke. They heard a strange voice purring. The strange voice came from a cat which was ready to pounce, but they managed to get out of the house quick enough.
  • After the quick escape the country mouse was looking forward to his first meal in the town, but he was disappointed that the meal came from behind the bins of the house
  • The country mouse walked back into the house very disappointed with his breakfast. The country mouse went to eat some cheese he could see on the floor, but the cheese was in a mouse trap. The country mouse was fed up

Key Vocab

  • Sumptuous
  • purring
  • Mouse trap
  • Sooty clouds
  • disappointed