The Town and Country Mouse Paragraph 4


  • The town mouse ( A sophisticated, lavish and urban mouse who lives in the town. He was born in the countryside
  • The country mouse (A simplistic, uncultured and rural mouse who lives in the countryside)


  • The last paragraph starts off with the country mouse realising how much missed the countryside because it was quiet, tranquil and peaceful. He really wanted to go back to the countryside, and he felt that the town was an awful place to live.
  • The town mouse was shocked to hear that the country mouse disliked the town because he loved the town. The town mouse loved the town because it was vibrant and full of food that he loved.
  •  The ending of the story is that Both mice realised that they both love where they love, and they realised they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.. The country mouse arrives back in the country safely and he’s pleased to be back.

Key Vocab

  • Vibrant
  • Shocked
  • Tranquil