Why might it be tricky to create a Cohesive Community?

Why might it be tricky?


Recent research has shown that running various activities to help the community be more cohesive such as community centres, libraries, community events all cost too much money. Research shows that 67% of communities cannot afford to keep all of the activities open. Communities have to make a choice to which activities/centres they choose to keep open. Since 2010 478 libraries have closed in England, Wales and Scotland. Libraries can be the centre of the community and a meeting point for many community groups. Since the libraries have closed, a lot of communities have lost a space to meet, be creative and share ideas. Libraries have been closing because communities can’t afford to keep them open due to a lack of funding.


Another reason why it could be tricky to create cohesive communities is that there is a lack of interest in some of these activities. Since few people take part in these activities they often have limited amount of money and as a result they stop happening. A lot of people are not interested in these activities as they would rather do something else, and it is hard to make everyone happy. Research shows that


Research shows that more than 300 different languages are spoken within the UK.  In many communities there are people who speak different languages this can make it hard to communicate ideas with each other. This also means that it is tricky to share news/events within these communities due to the amount of languages spoken. It is difficult to send out information in all of these languages within the communities.