Miss Heaton's Funtabulous PreK


Zoom will be on Wednesdays

  • *All Zoom meetings related to education are now required to have a password to enter as a safety precaution. In addition, the waiting room is also put into place to ensure that I know who is joining the meeting. When you join the meeting, please use a name that I will recognize so that I can quickly admit you into the meeting from the waiting room. Thank you! smiley

Daily Encouragement: 


I will truy miss all of you next year and pray you have an amazing summer!



Prayer Requests: We are all going through drastic changes to our lives.  Please email me if you have a prayer or praise to share with us and I will post it here.

  • Praise!!!! Elijah came home in time for Logan's birthday this past weekend!!
  • As some of you return to work outside the home, I pray for peace and hope over fear!  And that all needs are being met!
  • I continue to lift each of my students and their families up as we navigate through this.
  • We pray for protection of those of our friends and families who are on the front lines: medical professions, truck drivers, grocery workers, etc
  • Prayers for the Murrell family as Elijah has been called up and is being sent out west for an unknown amount of time.
  • That we would each find ways to have time alone and rejuvenate while helping our kids navigate their feelings. 
  • Continued and increased amounts of grace and patience!


There are so many resources flooding in that I wanted another way besides a newsletter to communicate with you. As I come across more things that I think my students will enjoy, I will add them on the appropriate page.  I realize some of you may also be needing to work from home in a more "full-time" manner so my main objective with this site is to provide you with educational resources that will help fill the time.  You'll notice some links on the Resources page are educational while others provide fun activities...who wouldn't want to take ballet with a ballerina from NYC!  Please note that I have done my best to research and review what I'm posting and providing but I do not have control over what individual people, companies, or organizations may post or update on their pages.  Please use your discretion when allowing your student to visit these sites.  


Kids, especially toddler through elementary ages thrive with structure and boundaries.  I would suggest(actually most counselors do as well) making a schedule that fits your adjusted lifestyle.  Your child was used to taking naps before spring break or, at least, laying quietly and resting for an hour and a half.  Keep that going so you can have some "you" time!  Plus, they need some down time so their brains can relax and re-charge.  Obviously, we don't want you teaching school the way we did in the classroom.  This time is actually a gift where your child can learn so much more through experience and activities that we aren't able to offer in the classroom-with the added bonus of spending time with you and deepening that bond and relationship!  

Here are some examples of daily schedules:


Obviously, there are things I would already change on the above schedule but you know what works for your family or, at least, you're quickly finding out!  Don't be afraid to change things up!  I've already pushed my daughters' bedtime an hour later so that they're sleeping until almost 7a instead of 5a! laugh