Distance Learning

                                 What Distance Learning Will Look Like:


Assignments, tasks, and activities will be assigned each Monday. Students will have until the following Monday to submit all work to be graded. We will offer different ways for students to learn and practice standards in all subject areas. These practice assignments will be graded for completeness. We will then have specific assignments, quizzes and tests to assess student achievement and derive grades. 


Students must be familiar with the EGUSD PORTAL. Students must join their specific Google Classroom. Students will log into Google Classroom everyday to check for instruction and assignments. The Google Classroom will become the main platform for communication. Google Classroom will be used to post and submit assignments.  Daily attendance will also be managed through our Google Classroom. Beginning April 20th, each student will log onto Google Classroom and complete the Google Form to provide a daily attendance check in by 12pm every day. On that same Google Form students can ask individual questions that I can address during office hours. 


How will each subject look in Distance Learning?


English Language Arts (reading and writing):

Students will be using the McGraw Hill tab on the Portal to access Wonders (our EGUSD ELA program). Students will be assigned a story each week to read through on the Portal/McGraw Hill/Wonders. Students will be assigned discussion questions on Google Classroom each Monday and they are to be completed by the following Monday. It is recommended that students read the story more than one time. There will be a Selection Test for each story on the Portal/McGraw Hill/Wonders at the end of each week. Selection tests cover vocabulary and comprehension from the week's story.



“Show Me” lessons, short video explanations, will be placed on Google Classroom for students to be introduced to each math lesson. Students will then go to Think Central, the Go Math icon, found on the Portal, to complete homework, tests, and quizzes. The purpose of the ThinkCentral Assignments will be for students to practice math standards. These assignments will be graded for completeness. Students will then be assessed on the Mid Chapter CheckPoint and Chapter Tests. Mid Chapter CheckPoints and Chapter tests will be assigned through Think Central and graded for completeness and correctness. 



Students will complete assignments, tests, and quizzes through Moby Max (the whale tab on the Portal). 


Social Studies:

Students will complete assignments, tests, and quizzes through Moby Max (the whale tab on the Portal). 


PE - Students are to be active for at least 30 min per day.


English Language Development (ELD) - For students where English is their second language, they will have access to the Imagine Learning App on the Portal. Specific students will be given a benchmark assessment and ELD practice for 20-30 minutes each day in their second language development.