Lesson Plan 4





Lesson Title & Subject(s): Owl Moon- Word Work    


Topic or Unit of Study: ELA


Grade/Level: 2nd


Instructional Setting:

A diverse 2nd grade classroom with word walls and visuals lining the walls relevant to this unit on owls and the book “Owl Moon”. Vocabulary words have been placed within sight of all students for reference as we proceed. Seating is in a horseshoe shape to promote collaboration and participation as we proceed.





Lesson Objective(s):

After completing word work, when given a list of 10 words, students will identify oo, ou and long o sounds correctly in 4 of 5 tries with 75% accuracy.




Instructional Materials:

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen (Youtube read along)

Chart Paper


Student Long O, Ou, Oo word cards (1 set for each team of 4)

Long O Tic-Tac-O Practice Page (1 per student)

Word Detective (1 per student)



List any sources used during the planning of the lesson using the APA format.




Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events (provide description and indicate approximate time for each):


  1. Student Prerequisite Skills/Connections to Previous Learning:

Identify letters and letter blends. Understand that some letters when put together make sounds other than typical.


  1. Presentation Procedures for New Information and/or Modeling: 25 min


Presentation Procedures for New Information:


Introduce Long O, Ou and Oo Sounds Words


Write some examples of long o sound words.


Say the words. Emphasize the O. explain what the words are.


Have students say long O words, emphasizing the long O.


Write OU words. Repeat.


    Ask students if they see a pattern to the words.


Write OO words and say the OO sounds.


Have students say OO words with emphasis as they repeat.




Long O, Ou and Oo Sounds Words in the Text 

I will tell the students that we are going to read “Owl Moon” for the last time and look for words with long o, ou and oo sounds as we read. Pointing out some of those words as we read.


Examples of Words with O Sounds (Long O, Ou and Oo) in the Text:

• spoken • closer • home • hope • bowl • below • open • echo • meadow • snow • low • nose • go • own • no • now • shadow • over • so • owl • owling • round • sound • out • cloudy • mouth • our • loud • about • stood • moon • woolen • woods • footprints • looked • whoo • took • too • hooted


  1. Guided Practice: 30 min



I will have the students break out into groups of 2-4 . I will pass out activity pages for the game and ask students to cut the words apart, combine the cards and mix them up to begin play.

One student will deal each student 7 cards, remaining cards will go into a stack in the middle of the students.


Players will take turns asking for sounds that match one of the words in their words. (similar to Go Fish!) Play continues as students ask for sounds, give if they have them and take turns until are words are matched.


  1. Independent Student Practice: 25 min

Practice Page

Students may pair up and play Long O Tic-Tac-O Word Work.

Read the directions with the class.

Tell the students to complete the practice page.

Monitor students while they work.


  1. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: 35 min


Group Discussion


Bring the students back together.

Ask students to explain what they learned about words based on the work they completed. Invite students to turn and talk with a partner about their word work.

Ask students to share what they learned with the group.



Instructional Strategy (or Strategies):

Interactive learning


Differentiated Instruction Accommodations:

Precut words for students with physical limitations.

List of words being used displayed on whiteboard



Use of Technology:

Students will follow the reading again using youtube and the whiteboard.

Student Assessment/Rubrics:

Students will be assessed  as proficient when they can identify with at least 75% accuracy the word sounds when given 10 words.