FYI Fifth Grade Mrs. Sanders

FYI for Fifth Grade




Wordly Wise   

Students have a Wordly Wise test each Wednesday.  This site has study activities.

Accelerated Reading

Each student has an individualized reading goal. This information is on the yellow card at the front of the graded work binder that goes home each Monday. Go to the Madison Creek Elementary site. Click on the library and then the Home Connect tab to access your child's information. Your child will need to provided his/her password.

Accelerated Math

Students have individualizedmath assignments through the Accelerated Math Program. We are working on Prime/Composite Numbers and Factors. Please check to be sure you are seeing the parent reports sent out each week. You can go online through your child's log in to check progress. Use Home Connect to access your child's information.



Go to this webpage to get your spelling assignments each week. Usually, the assignments for the coming week are up on the weekend.      

Study Island

Students will have assignments on Study Island all year. Please check frequently for these assignments. Right now---the county has done something to the teacher log in!! I hope this is rectified soon! Right now, I cannot make any assignments.