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How To Keep An Engagement Ring A Secret: A Brief How-To Guide




Not only is shopping for an engagement ring hard but keeping it a secret in your home is just as, if not more, difficult. Plus, how can you hide such big tasks from someone who knows your daily habits, your bank account details, and mutual friends? Well, there are many more who have come before you in facing these gargantuan tasks. You can find peace in their success. And if you keep following the tips in this blog you will be able to pleasantly surprise your partner with the perfect ring. 


How to keep your engagement ring shopping a secret

So, you have decided to surprise your partner and ask them to marry you. This is a big deal that also deserves a ring that is a big deal. You might have a general shape and style in mind for your partner, or you might have some prior knowledge about the 4 C’s of diamond carat, colour, clarity, and cut. You might know exactly what you are looking for, and if you do, that’s great. But, wherever you find yourself on your ring shopping journey you might need a few tips on how to keep your engagement ring shopping a secret from your significant other.


Try to avoid retargeting ads

These are the types of ads that follow you around on the internet, they appear in your Instagram feed or they play during YouTube videos. These ads are known as retargeting ads. Retargeting ads will follow you as a result of viewing a particular product where you have shown that you’ve expressed interest and the company is targeting you as a potential consumer. While retargeted ads can be responsible for some cool product finds, they can be the enemy when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring for your significant other. Especially if you two share any social media accounts or frequently browse one another’s accounts. If you decide to shop online for your engagement ring, be sure to go into a private browser before you start. 


Don’t use a shared bank account or credit card

We understand that you are proud of how much money you were able to save up to buy the perfect ring, but don’t get too trigger-happy when it comes time to pay. Before you rush to purchase a ring be sure to use an account or card that is not shared with your significant other, or an account that is monitored by them. And be sure that they also don’t have access to the statements for the account. If they are, then use a different account or open one that is mainly used for this purpose only. But, if you are stuck and need to buy the ring quickly, you can use a personal card and make a few small withdrawals from your joint account until you pay off your credit card purchase in full. 

Your goal is to avoid raising as many red flags as possible during this process.


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