4th Period 8th Grade AE Social Skills


In this class we will be working on a variety of social skills as well as transition skills for high school.

1st 9 weeks…..Interactive Skills

1.       Listening    2.       Greeting Other People    3.       Joining Other People    4.       Having Conversations  

5.       Borrowing  6.       Offering Assistance    7.       Complimenting    8.       Showing a Sense of Humor   

9.       Keeping Friends    10.   Interacting with the Opposite Sex

2nd 9weeks…..Coping Skills

1.       Negotiating with Others   2.       Being Left Out   3.       Handling Pressure from Peers   4.       Expressing Anger                                         

5.       Coping with Aggression

3rd 9 weeks…..Adult-related Skills

1.       Getting An Adults Attention     2.       Disagreeing with Adults     3.       Responding to Requests by Parents, Teachers, & Employers  

4.       Doing Quality Work   5.       Working Independently   6.       Developing Good Work Habits   7.       Following Classroom Rules              

8.       Developing Good Study Habits

4th 9 weeks….Self-related Skills

1.       Taking Pride in Your Appearance   2.       Being organized   3.       Using Self-contro   l4.       Doing What You Agree to Do                      

5.       Accepting the Consequences of Your Actions    6.       Coping with Being Upset or Depressed   7.       Feeling Good About Yourself