May Newsletter

May 1-31

Can you believe we are already into our last month of school?  My, how time flies when you're having fun!  Your children have come so far and learned so much.  I am very proud of them and happy to have been their teacher this year. This school year has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Don't quit on them now though.  Continue to work with them through this last month and revel in their accomplishments!


READING:  We will continue reading and writing long vowel words as well as short vowel words.  We will also continue  writing small sentences, using correct capitalization and punctuation and discussing further the components of a pragraph and story writing.  We will be furthering our reading process and working on becoming more fluent readers.





                                                 May 7th - what, when, how           How many friends do you have?

                                                 May 14th - No test this week due to our chapel video preparations

                                                 May 21st - No test this week due to our chapel video preparations

                                                 May 28th - LAST DAY!!!



MATH:  We will continue with number recognition 1-100, as well as handwriting numbers 1-100.  We will review time (to the hour) and money (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter) and continue working on both.  Your child will be working further on addition and subtraction as the end of the year approaches, we well as reviewing measurements and determining weight, and 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.


SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE:  In our science unit, we will continue learning about animals and their homes and babies.  In regards to social studies we will be looking at the upcoming holidays: Memorial Day and the 4th of July as well as what our country stands for.


BIBLE This month, we will be finishing up our ABC Bible books.  We will also be reviewing our previous memeory verses.  Remember to bring in your chapel offering on Wednesdays.  Thank you.





         May 7th - "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  Matthew 4:19

         May 14th - "The Lord is my helper.  I will not be afraid."  Hebrews 13:6


ARTWe will be creating several different things related to animals and the end of the year.  We will continue working in our Draw and Write books, further developing handwriting and drawing skills.


COOKING:  We will be making a Sea LIfe trail mix on May 7th and surprises to complete the year.





                  May 20-21 - WATER DAYS - See Director Renee's email regarding end-of-year events.

              May 28      -  LAST DAY!!!