What is Netiquette?

While etiquette tells us what good manners are when interacting with people in life, netiquette is the internet version of good manners. Netiquette should be considered when communicating via the internet through email, social media, and discussion forums among others to avoid cyberbullying. 


Things to consider when communicating online:

  1. You are communicating with other people.

    1. Remember the golden rule when communicating with others.

    2. Your reader will interpret the tone of your message, so be clear in what you say and how you say it.

    3. Keep comments relevant to your discussion.

    4. Be considerate of opinions of others, even when they conflict with your own.

  2. You are what you type.

    1. Grammar and punctuation matter online too.

    2. Typing messages in ALL CAPS is rarely needed.

    3. Asking questions that have already been answered reflects poorly on you. Look around before asking unnecessary questions.

  3. The internet has a memory.

    1. Even when deleted, online posts are rarely gone for good. You should be comfortable with your words being put in stone before posting.


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