Acceptable Technology Use Policy



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The National Education Association suggests that six key components are necessary for an Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Preamble which explains why the policy is necessary

  • Definition

  • Policy statement

  • Acceptable uses

  • Unacceptable uses

  • Violations/sanctions


^Check out the link above to see these six key components defined further.


Why are Acceptable Use Policies critical for education?

  • To protect students from harmful content on the internet

  • To provide students with access to technology to engage them in learning



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This is a video geared toward lower elementary students that explains about acceptable use policy:




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This website has some sample Acceptable Use Policies as well as videos and other resources:


This website offers a detailed lesson plan for teaching students about acceptable use policies as well as videos and other resources.


Here is just one of the many videos offered on this site: 




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