Equitable Digital Classroom Use


Equitable digital access provides all students with the opportunity to use technology. Technology can be greatly beneficial for students’ academic achievements, as discussed here. Since some families cannot afford digital devices and/or access at home, it is important that teachers provide as much access to students as possible. Based on funding and rules, schools can provide equitable digital access in a few possible ways. 

  • A 1:1 initiative at school provides each student with digital access without needing to share the device.

  • Some schools allow students to take the devices home if internet access is available.

  • Other schools permit students to bring their personal devices to school.

Unfortunately, some schools do not have the funding to accomplish some of the above goals. They have to make a schedule within the classroom or school to share the devices, mini laptops, iPads, desktop computers, etc.

See the scheduling options below:

  • Split students into groups according to the number of devices available. Ex.: 10 devices with 20 students will allow two students per device

  • Allow a certain number of students to work independently on internet assignments, while other students are working independently on other educational tasks or with a teacher in a small group. Then allow the students to rotate through the tasks. 

    • This is what I am currently doing in my classroom. We were 1:1 last year but had a slight influx of students this year. 

Watch the video below to see how this school has incorporated blended learning to help with sharing devices.


Visit this website to learn how to best incorporate a computer center: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/managing-your-classroom-computer-center/


This teacher did not have the funding and started a Donorschoose.com. She was able to raise money for ten devices! 



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