First Grade Classroom Rules

                                        Classroom Rules


We have reviewed and understood the importance of classroom rules. Each student reviewed the rules at home with their parents and returned the slip to school, signed by themselves and a parent.



We will follow directions quickly.


We will raise our hand for permission to speak.


We will raise our hand for permission to walk.


We will make smart choices.


We will keep our dear teacher happy!



C0nsequences to not following Classroom Rules:   

A student will be warned 2 times before the third strike out. (3 strikes out method).
When a teacher calls the student's name and then 3, they are to go to the "purple" village, sit quietly for a few minutes, and think about making "smarter choices" .
With that, their name will be logged in my book and a note goes home to their parents.
If the student goes to the "purple" village 3 times in one week, they will spend 5 minutes of recess on the curb.