Homework Policies

Homework Policies 


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go." - Dr. Seuss



A weekly reading log will be sent home every Tuesday. This is to be kept in their HW folders. Please work with your child to read everyday and enter it into their reading logs. With every entry, a parent's initials are required. This will count as Reading HW. There must be a minimum of 5 days of reading, to get the full grade, 100%. 4 days would count as 80%, 3 days 60% etc. Ofcourse, extra days of reading is strongly recommended at this grade level. 

Reading - Sight Words

There will be a weekly list of Sight Words that students need to practice reading. They do not need to know how to spell them, only sound them out. They will be tested verbally on the list each Friday. The list we will be working on will be found in their planners. We will also be practicing reading them aloud everyday in class. 


Students will be working on a Spelling list each week. This list can be found in the Weekly Homework tab, in addition to it being in their Spelling books and planners. They will be given 3 homeworks related to Spelling each week. Monday, they have to write each word, 3 times in their Homework composition book. Wednesday, they have to write a sentence using each word on their list. Thursday, they have to study for their weekly Spelling test. Their vocabulary words are included in their Spelling list. 

Reading - Book Reports

Students are required to complete one book report each month, with a different template given each month. This will start in October, as we will complete the September report together for our Summer Reading books. This will count as a Reading homework grade.


Math homework will be given almost daily. It is essential that it is completed promptly, as it reinforces the class lesson, in addition to sharpening their math skills, which is crucial at this grade level. A student will get the full grade for completing the Math HW for the entire week on time. Homework is only allowed to be late one day (5 points will be taken off). If it's later than one day, it will not be counted as completed HW, taking 10 points off the final week's grade. For example, if a student completes 4 days of homework, the grade will be 90%. One late HW (one day late), will be 95% etc. There will be frequent quizzes in class, and at the end of every chapter, there will be a Math chapter test. You will be notified in their planner, and the class website of the date of the chapter tests. 


Each week we will be working on a chapter. There won't be frequent tests but the student will be notified ahead of time inorder to prepare for the test. Every Friday, we will attend the Divine Liturgy and occasionally pray the Rosary. We will be going over how to behave in church and join in prayers. Church behavior is very important, and so it will count as a weekly classwork grade.

Science/Social Studies

We will have Science class every Tuesday and Social Studies every Thrusday. They will be getting occasional homework. In addition they will be required to make some projects (that they will be given plenty of time to do). A rubric will be used to grade the project. There will be an end of Unit tests for Social Studies and Chapter tests for Science. A study guide will go home atleast a week prior to the test to help the child prepare for the test. When the study guide is sent home, a parent signature will be required to ensure that parents are aware of the test. The study guide will go back home once I have initialed it (after parent's initials), so that the student may study for the test. They may keep it in their HW folder inorder not to lose it.