Black History Research Project

Below is the research outline that must be followed in order for you to receive a 100.

Our African American Heroes

PowerPoint Presentation

  Due Date: February 15, 2010

 Directions:  Choose a famous African American and create a PowerPoint presentation and a personal profile brochure. Both projects will include the following important facts.  Your PowerPoint presentation must include 5 to 6 slides. 

Slide 1 Title slide

q       African American’s name

q       Your name

q       Teacher’s name

q       Class period

Slide 2

q       African American’s complete name

q       Picture  

Slide 3

q       Birthdate

q       Birthplace

q       Parents and Family 

Slide 4

q       Education

q       Picture Slide 5

q       Profession

q       Three accomplishments 

Slide 6

q       Awards 

Slide 7

q       Death (if applicable)