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Zhejiang Quanshun Machine Tool Co., Ltd.



Zhejiang Quanshun Machine Tool Co., Ltd.It has a machine tool production base and a hydraulic component production base. The main products are ordinary (CNC) cylindrical grinders of various specifications, CNC end-face cylindrical grinders, automatic loading and unloading CNC (end-face) cylindrical grinders, composite grinders, high-precision CNC cylindrical grinders, and can be designed and developed according to user needs. A variety of non-standard special grinding machines and provide related processes, software and training services.The technological level has risen step by step, and the product production capacity has been further improved and improved. The company has a group of experts in the grinding machine industry at home and abroad, and has established long-term close cooperative relations with German grinding machine manufacturers, Yangda, Hubei, Beihang and other colleges and universities to provide technical guarantee for the company's sustainable development.