Complete guide for buying best ballet shoes

You already know that you want to join the adult ballet group or sign up your little one for children's ballet.

 Below are a few points that must keep in mind while buying dance leotard for women



Sneakers must be soft. Pointe shoes are not worn until you have an intermediate-advanced level. And it will be your teacher who will tell you when you are ready for it.

2. Ballet shoes cannot be long or short

The toes inside the shoe have to be fully stretched even if you naturally suffer from having "claw toes." Nor can they be narrow or wide.

3. Try on a thousand sneakers.

There are many brands of shoes, and each has a last. Even within each brand, there are different widths and models. That means that there are a brand and model that is perfect for you.

4. Don't buy a cheap pair of shoes.

I know the temptation of cheap is very strong, but you will be throwing money away. discount dance leotard in a specialized store are usually around € 20, and they will surely last a school year or more.



5. Sneakers with full sole or split sole

The split sole of ballet leotards for women will make the sneakers fit your foot more - never full sole



6. Go another day

 Don't let them push you to buy a shoe that is not for you. Sometimes stores don't have all the numbers, models, and brands at the time you go. That does not mean that you have to take the one in which you are not comfortable. Remember you are going to dance with them. So only chose bloch balance europeanwhich are comfortable for you.



 7. Rise to the middle point.

The fabric of the shoes is sewn all together under the hard sole, and sometimes as they are made by hand, there is an uncomfortable lump that can prevent you from dancing. Some models are poorly designed, and that brand must be discarded. Sometimes it is just the pair that they have taken from the store. Try another bloch leather tap shoes




How to choose the color of your dance shoes?

When it comes to choosing the color of your bloch tap shoes (Tango, Bachata, etc.), there are several factors and cases to consider:




·         You need to dance shoes for a competition, a show, so these must look good with your costume. In this case, you should choose a neutral color such as copper, bronze or makeup. Then you can customize your dance shoe, and booties will add crystals to make your dance shoes a unique shoe.

·         You regularly go dancing classes and need a comfortable pair of dance shoes, but not necessarily a special color. In this case, you are advised to choose a basic color that you can easily combine. Black is a very basic color, used more in winter, and bronze in summer.

·         If it is a fashion addict to shoes, whether they are dance shoes or high heels, the red bachata shoe is ideal and very combinable. Leopard is a much-loved feline color that pairs luxuriously with jeans and a black, brown, red, gold top ... leopard is a good choice of fashion ballet shoe.