Dance shoes, how to choose the color

The dancing shoes are so important to the dancer and the spectator. From convenience to aesthetic details that need to be considered and fundamental both on stage and in the ballroom or testing ...

To choose the color of your bloch tap shoes, here are these simple tips, and you can do it, taking into account your particular tastes and needs.




The dancing shoes must meet several basic features you have to consider to choose them, for example:


  1. Comfort: the fit should be adequate and not strain painful areas. It also depends on the height and width of the heel of the bloch leather ballet shoes.
  2. Model: depends on the dancer's taste and the aesthetic she wants to achieve (traditional or modern)
  3. Heel height : depends on the length of the foot (the metatarsal must be well supported on the ground) and the ability of the dancer to achieve high relief even with very high heels
  4. Material: dance shoes can be leather, fabric, synthetic (imitation leather), rhinestones, glitter, metal, etc.

5.       Color: this detail is essential since it must in principle, combine with the dance outfit and Capezio ballet leotards for women


Taking into account the color of the dance shoe is essential, and you should evaluate:

  • If it will combine with the dance costume in color and style, pattern, material, accessories, etc.
  • If it is your only pair of tap shoes for girls to wear on stage or ballroom. It must be combined with several outfits, so it must necessarily be a neutral color that matches everything: black or beige (also called camel). These colors and without glitters can accompany any outfit color
  • If it is a trail shoe, it should be simple, soft and comfortable. Its color does not matter (on the other hand, it must be a strong shoe without any adornments that can cause discomfort such as rhinestones). Some professionals rehearse in very high-heeled shoes, and others prefer to make it more comfortable since rehearsals last longer than a show.


The most appropriate colors for dance shoes are:

  1. Black: it is elegant and combines with everything
  2. Red: it is very striking and combines with black, red, beige and white suits
  3. Camel or beige: combine everything and lengthen your legs, especially if you achieve shades of the same color as your skin
  4. White: combine with white suits or combined with white
  5. The rest of the colors works like white. If you have a combined color suit, you can use a shoe that integrates any of the colors that you wear in your outfit.

The ladies tap shoes are so important to a dancer who is a delicate moment have to choose the color with these simple tips can make taking into account your tastes and needs. Also, think that it is preferable to opt for a quality dance shoe, have many cheap colored shoes, and gain elegance and comfort.