Get the Best Dance Shoes for Men

At first glance, it might seem that even canvas shoes are suitable for dancing. However, the reality is more complex: the dance shoe has conditions that make it special and unique, especially on the sole.



Practice contemporary dance, bachata, or tap; it is important that you have the best footwear to execute each movement with confidence. If you enjoy moving your skeleton until you drop exhausted and whatever your modality, on eBay, you will find the best options to renew your dance shoes. Get new shoes or buy them second-hand at an affordable price.


What types of dance shoes are there?


When buying dance and dance shoes, it is important to consider certain issues. Try to choose a shoe that fits your foot without tightening it because you will suffer swelling during workouts, and the material will give way with use.


Always choose quality footwear: plastic is fashionable, and we find shoes made of this material everywhere, but it is not, by far, recommended. Keep in mind that the foot sweats and the plastic prevents perspiration, causing a bad smell. It is also easier for irritations and blisters to appear. Don't let your health suffer from cutting down on spending!


How many types of dance shoes are there?


There are different types of men's dance shoes, depending on the type of dance:


Ballet shoes: Capezio ballet shoes are designed so that dancers can stay perfectly balanced on their toes. Therefore, they are light and very flexible. They are usually made of fabric or leather.


Jazz or contemporary shoes: They are designed to provide the necessary flexibility to the foot. The shoes usually come with a rubber sole that offers good cushioning and better absorbs shocks during jumps. Its closure can be with or without laces.


Tap shoes: These are dance shoes designed specifically for tap dancers. They are intended to make a loud sound when stepped on stage.

Pumps: They incorporate heels and usually have lace closure for an optimal fit to the foot. They are usually made of leather or patent leather.


There are countless brands to choose from. I like to recommend those specific to dance, such as Bloch leather ballet shoes. With all of them, you can be sure that they are of quality. From there, it will depend on the shape of your foot so that you choose the one that best suits and is more comfortable and aesthetic.


 Pointe shoes

 The tips Ballet is specifically for advanced dancers who have performed previous work for some years. There are two essential conditions before putting them on:


  • bones are fully formed

That you have 

  • enough strength and acquired technique


   If you don't meet these two requirements, forget about it for now. Work and follow the instructions of your teacher, who will supervise you and give the go-ahead when you are ready.


   The Capezio tap shoes for men with a very studied specific anatomy that allows the dancer to stand on her toes. To equal the half points, there are many models and brands, but the biggest difference is that it is imprescriptible that before buying, you advise a professional who will study in detail the shape of your feet and force them to find the option that suits you.