Ballet and Tap Dance shoes: Make a difference by choosing the best

Here we will discuss how to select and care for ballet or tap shoes.


Dancing is one of the best activities that release the most stress. This is why choosing good dance shoes is so important. With them, you will break all tracks. Will you join us to discover what should be taken into account to choose the best ballet of tap shoes?


The importance of good ballet dance shoes


Surely you already know how important it is to have comfortable clothes to go dancing. Well, with the dance shoes, the same. You will also have to add to these points two essential characteristics to choose a correct pair of girls tap shoes.






First: security. What do we mean well; a suitable dance shoe must take care and protect the feet and should be supple and comfortable on your feet.



Second, the comfort and performance of dance shoes. The women ballet shoes should not be too tight that your toes will curl, or should not be too loose. 


The modern ballet shoes are made of stretch canvas or soft leather which conforms to your feet. There is no tie string in them, just slip in them and dance.




Characteristics to choose the right Tap shoe


So, let's see the parameters and characteristics that you must take into account when looking for suitable girls' women's or men tap shoes,


The height:

If you are new to the world of dance and are not used to wearing heels, tap shoes will have smaller heels. Generally starting out you should practice and dance in one inch flat heel shoes. As you advance ladies can switch to two or three inches tap shoes for stage. The lower heel tap shoes have more stability, and the legs and feet get less tired while dancing or practice, while high heel tap shoes you will get tired easily. Even so, if you keep getting very tired during your sessions, here is a tip: try to put your heels on the ground, or take a rest with your feet up.


Design and style of Tap dance shoes

The tap shoes should have a non slip grip on the sole of the shoes, to stop you from slipping while you do your shuffles.  To avoid slipping and to avoid injuries with big metal pieces at the sole of the shoes without a non-slip grip one is looking for trouble. With the new taps on the shoes it is recommended to scuff the metal on the shoes by practicing before performance. Overall the tap shoes should not be too tight or loose to give you blisters.

The sole of the shoe

One of the things you should take into account the most, besides the design and height, is the manufacturing material of the soles of your dance shoes. Look at the composition of the sole of women tap shoes. A good tap shoe sole is made of good leather, thicker the better, and taps should cover the heel and toes, with non slip after the front taps.


The durability of dance shoes

Also a good tap shoe should be of supple leather with good lining to give a comfortable feel, It is recommended that the manufacturing material of the dance shoes itself be one hundred percent leather. Although they tend to be more expensive, they have a much longer useful life than synthetic material.


Caring for your footwear: hygiene and maintenance


The first step you should do after using the tap or ballet shoes is to air out. This way, you will prevent sweat from hardening the soles and materials of the women tap shoes or ballet shoes. Tap shoes you can  brush them with brush and polish, ballet shoes are of softer material you can clean them with a little bit of water on a cloth. before looking for a space to store them in your dance bag. You can always use anti fungal and anti odor spray.