AR Due Dates

AR Due Dates

AR tests are recorded as test grades in the grade book.  Students are required to read two books the first six weeks and three books after the first six weeks.  Students must read one in each genre-nonfiction, biography, and fiction.  A summary sheet must be filled out for each book before taking an AR test.  Testing is only allowed in my classroom where I put the password into the tablet after the student gives me the summary sheet and the book.  Books must be at least the minimum reading level for the student.   After completing the test, the student shows me his/her score.  I make a notation on the summary sheet of the grade and record it into the online grade book as a test grade.  Students are allowed to retake any AR test if they scored below 70 during that six weeks period.  The retake must be completed in the classroom beside the teacher.  The retake grade and the failing grade will be averaged together to replace the original AR grade in the grade book. 

Summary Sheet Information

Click on the link to open and print a copy of the required summary sheet for each type of required AR book.  Students are more than welcome to take the required information from the summary sheets and do a presentation with Google Slides, Prezi, or any other form of technology to present the required information (all components must be included).  Students can email it to me at

Nonfiction summary sheet for AR.pdf

Biography  Summary for AR.pdf

Fiction        Summary for AR.pdf


NOTE:  Ten points will be deducted for every day a test is not taken (all day absences are not included).  It is very important that students take these tests in a timely manner.  For example, if a student takes a test 3 days late, 30 points will be deducted from their AR score.  Students present on campus on due date are still responsible for taking an AR test.  For example, if a student leaves early for a sporting game, he/she will need to take the AR test before leaving campus or late points will be assessed.

8th Grade ELAR

AR Due Dates


First Six Weeks (2 books)

Nonfiction-August 28, 2017

Biography-September 11, 2017



Second Six Weeks

Nonfiction-September 26, 2017

Biography-October 9, 2017

Fiction-October 23, 2017


Third Six Weeks

Nonfiction-November 6, 2017

Biography-November 27, 2017

Fiction-December 11, 2017


Fourth Six Weeks

Nonfiction-January 8, 2018

Biography-January 22, 2018

Fiction-February 5, 2018


Fifth Six Weeks

Nonfiction-February 19, 2018

Biography-March 5, 2018

Fiction-March 26, 2018


Sixth Six Weeks

Nonfiction-April 12, 2018

Biography-April 23, 2018

Fiction-May 7, 2018


NOTE:  Parents will be notified by School Messenger if a due date must be changed.