Article of the Week (AoW)

This link is under construction.  Students will still have AoW, but I need to change the due dates for the 2017-2018 school year.


Article of the Week (AoW)

After teaching reading for several years, I noticed that the majority of our students read solely fiction books (describes imaginary events and people).  Today's students struggle with having prior knowledge and background with nonfiction texts.  An "AoW" assignment helps students build their vocabulary and a foundation of knowledge for real world issues.  Articles are assigned on each Friday and due the next Friday.  The links for each article are found below.

"Part of the reason my students have such a hard time reading is because they bring little prior knowledge and background to the written page. They can decode the words, but the words remain meaningless without a foundation of knowledge." To help build my students’ prior knowledge, I assign them an "Article of the Week" every Monday morning. By the end of the school year I want them to have read 35 to 40 articles about what is going on in the world. It is not enough to simply teach my students to recognize theme in a given novel; if my students are to become literate, they must broaden their reading experiences into real-world text." ~ Kelly Gallagher


Garbage                  Assigned 10/04/2016           Due 10/14/2016

 Trampolines   Assigned 10/14/2016           Due 10/21/2016

Asian Carp Carp.pdf          Assigned 10/21/2016           Due 10/28/2016

Maginot Line line.pdf   Assigned 10/28/2016           Due 11/04/2016

Mongooses        Assigned 11/04/2016           Due 11/11/2016