Formal Assessments

Formal Assessments

Students will take a formal assessment every three weeks, and it will be counted as a test grade.  For my students needing oral administration of the formal assessment, please click below for the audio to those questions.  NOTE:  Only the questions and answers are orally read to students according to TEA Policy Type 1.  Click on the link for additional TEA policies concerning allowable accommodations for STAAR testing. Accomodations.pdf  The oral recording is from and the link was copied and pasted for students to click on the link.  Students will need ear buds for oral assessments.


First Six Weeks

         1st Passage        

         2nd Passsage

Second Six Weeks

         3 week assessment

         Six Weeks Test - 1st Passage

Third Six Weeks

          3 week assessment

Fourth Six Weeks (Mock STAAR Test)

Fifth Six Weeks

Sixth Six Weeks