8th grade ELA Syllabus

Mrs. Curtis


  1. CLASSROOM RULES-The 6 P’s for Success

PROMPT-Be on time for class every day.  Your learning begins as soon as you enter the classroom.   

PREPARED-Come prepared for class every day.  Bring your independent reading book, notebook paper, pens/pencils, folders, and highlighters, etc.

PARTICIPATE-Offer ideas, ask questions, and get involved in the day’s lesson.   

PRODUCE-Do the assigned work.  Turn in ALL of your assignments to the BEST of your ABILITY.   

POLITE-Raise your hand and wait your turn when you need to speak.  Listen when others are speaking.  Class is over when the teacher dismisses you, not when the bell rings.

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE-Remember, learning any new thing can be difficult

at first, but keep trying.  You will see results.


II.  CONSEQUENCES-If you CHOOSE not to follow the rules, consequences can include any of the

following depending on the frequency and severity:

*VERBAL WARNING to stop the misbehavior


*NOTICE OF CONCERN that must be signed by a parent and returned the NEXT day

*OFFICE REFERRAL that includes a visit with the principal



  1. CURRICULUM-All assignments are based on Texas State Standards which are accessible on the internet at

  2. GRADES-A standard percentage system and grade categories are used.  Rubrics are also incorporated regularly to evaluate everyone on the same criteria.

  3. PROGRESS REPORTS-Parents and students can check student progress through Parent Portal on the internet as often as you would like (Usernames and passwords can be obtained in-person through the office).  Progress reports will be mailed home every three weeks of the 6 week period.  I try to send home a weekly progress report every Monday for your convenience.  I do not require a parent signature, so please ask your child for it or log into Tyler SIS to see your child’s grades online.



ABSENT WORK-When a student is absent, he/she is responsible for picking up and completing any work that was assigned that day.  NOTE:  This includes student athletes that leave early for games, etc.  

LATE WORK-Some late work will be accepted, but the student will receive a deduction of 10 points per day until turned into me.  HONORS:  Late work will NOT be accepted after the third day as per district policy.

EXTRA CREDIT-No extra credit assignments will be available. A/R tests can be retaken with both grades combined.



My expectations for my students are simple.  Students will have some homework when he/she did not complete an assignment before class time ended.  All assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  Work should be written in a neat, legible fashion to receive credit.  Homework not done in this manner will be returned to be redone and no grade will be given until the work is completed using these guidelines.  If a student did not do his/her homework, he/she will have the opportunity to complete it at home that night.   I try to send automated messages through School Messenger to notify parents when a student does not do his/her assignments.  Please make sure you notify the campus when home phones or cell phone numbers change, so you will receive these important messages.  Ten points will be deducted each day an assignment is late.  It is considered a zero in the grade book after the third day as per district policy.


VI.  AR (Accelerated Reader) REQUIREMENTS

Students are required to read two AR books the first six weeks.  Beginning the second six weeks, students will be required to read 3 AR books each six weeks-1 fiction, 1 nonfiction, and 1 biography.  AR tests are required as well as a summary report for each book completed, and grades will be taken every two weeks.  If a student scores below a 70 on the AR test, he/she will have the opportunity to take the book home, read it again, and retake the test.  The two grades will then be averaged along with the summary report for one test grade.  I will send an AR report every 2 weeks with tests taken and scores for each test.  Students will lose 10 points per day if tests are not taken as required.  After the third day, it is considered a zero as per district policy.  A detailed letter will be sent home next week.



All cell phones are to be turned off at all times unless directed by a teacher.  If a student has a cell phone out, I will immediately turn in that device to the office according to our campus policy.  Please do not ask me to violate campus policy.



I am available during my conference period almost daily to discuss any matter pertaining to your child’s education.  My conference period is.  The school’s phone number is 903-947-0308.  The fastest way during the day to communicate with me would be by email at



Notebook paper

Composition Notebook

Pens (blue or black ink only)



1 folder with pockets and brads

Ear buds (Compass Learning)


Classroom Needs (not required but desperately needed)


Extra highlighters


Extra Pencils

Clorox Wipes (to clean the whiteboard and student desks)


Handy Resources for Parents

I created a webpage for students and parents to help find any due dates, warm ups to print for corrections, AR due dates and forms to fill out over the books, etc.  It is  A business card with the school’s phone number, my email address, and the webpage has also been sent home today with your child.