Throughout the school year, your student will be required to do a number of projects to reflect what they have learned in class and to demonstrate comprehension of outside reading.

Quarter 1, Project1

Book Talk

Choose a book recently read or your favorite and create an advertisement for it on a poster.  Include the following:

1.  a picture of the book cover

2.  the lexile measure (The lexile measure can be found at

3.  the setting, main characters, problem, and genre

Lastly,  be prepared to present your advertisement to your classmates in the form of a carousel.  This assignment is due Friday, September 9, 2011.

Quarter 1, Project 2

Cereal Box Response to Reading Project

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, you are going to research a Hispanic person, group, or event that is important.  

Step 1:  Determine where you will start your research: internet, encyclopedia, etc.

Step 2: Go to those sources and choose someone or something to research.

Step 3:  Read the materials and answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the person, group, or event?
  2. Why is this person, group or event important?
  3. What did the person or group do?  Or, what happened (for an event)?
  4. How has this person, group, or event affected YOUR life?
  5. How can you describe the person, group, or event using four adjectives?

Step 4: Write the information to cite your source.  In other words, where did you get your information?  You need at least one source.

*Please use the information I provided to construct your cereal box and the source information card.  This assignment is due Friday, October 14, 2011.


Quarter 2, Project 2

Studen't will be working in class to complete this project.  We recently learned about point of view and how it affects a story.  In groups, students will rewrite the story, Seven Blind Mice, from a different perspective.  Each page constructed will include a colored picture and the students own words.  This assignment is due Wednesday, November 30, 2011.