What is MAP?
Measures of Academic Progress®

Understanding each student’s academic level gives teachers the power to help them excel. MAP computerized adaptive assessments are the tools that make it possible – providing educators with the detailed information they need to build curriculum and meet their students’ needs, one child at a time.

MAP testing will occur three times throughout the school year: fall, winter, and spring.


1st Quarter Exam

In an effort to ease anxiety and to help with test preparation, all students will be taking their quarter exam on Monday, October 24.  Please make sure all students are studying at home to prepare.

Students can prepare by studying the following:

Elements of Nonfiction

  1. author's style (text structures: cause and effect, sequential, and compare/contrast)
  2. author's tone
  3. point of view
  4. author's purpose (inform, persuade, entertain, and reflect)

POWER Writing Process (Prewrite, Organize, Write, Edit/Revise,Rewrite)

6 Traits of Writing

  1. Ideas  and Content
  2. Organization
  3. Word Choice
  4. Voice
  5. Sentence Fluency
  6. Conventions

Main Idea

*Students have been given notes on all of the above information.  Thanks for your help!