8th Grade Unit Four Project


8th Grade Unit Four Project



Due February 27, 2013    

Hopefully by now you are well on your way to producing you children's book for your assigned topic.  I know sometimes working with a partner can be difficult but you need to work through it to produce the best possible project.  This is a summative grade and a pretty fun project.  Make sure you are working together so that your book is cohesive, sounds like one story rather than two stories.  You can always ask for a pass to the Media Center which is open before and after school.  You can also ask for a pass to go during lunch.  The public library is also a great resource for you. 

Remember you must give your book a title.  There must be a cover with the title, the subtitle (that is your topic) and a picture.  You must also have a title page that has your names, the class period and the topic listed.  You are required to have 10 pages with pictures in your book and finally a works cited page at the end.  You must have at least three (3) references listed on the works cited page.  You may use EZbib.com to cite your references, if you would like. 

Vocabulary Unit Three test



Be sure to check Pinnacle for your grade on the Vocab Unit Three test.  If you scored lower than a 45, that's 90%, you may re-take the test.  You must complete the additional work in order to re-take the test so see Ms. Light if you need that information.  If you already have an account set up in Townsend Press, just log on and get started.  The Unit Three test covered chapters 13-17.  Be sure you are working in the correct book.  If you are not sure about any of this, talk to Ms. Light today!