Unit Three Summative Project

The Unit Three Summative project will be due on 2/27.  It is a children's picture book on your assigned topic.  You must work with a partner to reasearch and compile facts and details relevant to your topic.  The book must be in chronological order and clearly convey the assigned topic.  The requirements are as follows:

1. An ILLUSTRATED cover with a title and your topic is the subtitle.

2. Second page is your heading page.  It must have your names, the date, topic, and class period.

3. Minimum of 10 pages to the story. Each page must have an illustration and 3-4 sentences.  Pages must be numbered.

4. A Works Cited page listing all references (similar to a bibliography) with a minimum of 3 different references.

5. You must present the story to the class with yoiur partner.