Chapter 6 Webquest

Our first WebQuest Assignment for the 2012 Health Classes will be over Chapter 6-Managing Weight and Body Composition



This project is designed to help you learn about the types of foods you are eating, the number of calories that you will be consuming per day, calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) , and to find the truth about popular diets that people are often trying-espcecially when it comes to the beginning of the new year.  I hope by completing these tasks that you will become intereted in how important your nutrition is, how to gauge if you are healthy or close to being healthy, and learning that advertisements are not always truthful when it comes to learning about new diets.


For students to learn about their eating habits, exercise levels, and how to analyze diets that we have all heard about.  By completing this exercise you will also learn how to start good healthy habits at an early stage in your life, with the goal being it will be something you continue throughout your lifetime.



1) We talked about your Body Mass Index in class and how the numbers are figured out.  We learned what healthy levels are and unhealthy levels are but also how the results can be misleading.  Your task for the first part of completing this assignment will be to calculate your own BMI.  Along with finding your BMI, I want you to summarize in your own words the five weaknesses of the BMI scale (do not copy and paste this-read it, analyze it and put it into your own words and thoughts).  The website for this will be provided for you in the Process Section Number 1.

2) In order to become a healthier person you need to realize what foods you are eating and the types of exercise that you are performing everyday.  Like I have talked about in class I am living proof that you can't out work a bad diet.  You will have to keep a food and exercise journal for 5 days in a row including the weekend.  Now I want you to be honest with what you eat and what you do and please just eat how you normally would because you will not learn anything by just dieting during this project.  This is designed to let you realize the types of foods you are eating, how many calories you consume, how often you get some exercise in, and what adjustments have to be made.  Upon completing the five days of keeping the food/exercise journal you will have to go to reports and print off the calories that you consumed along with the calories that you burned.  The website is provided below in Process Section Number 2.

3) You will have to compare and contrast two diets from the list that I will provide below.  You will have to describe how each diet started, who started it, what are the guidelines or rules of the diet, what are the strenghts, weaknesses, and how much does it cost, if there is any price.  Once you have analyzed each diet you will have to explain to me if it is something that you would like to try and explain to me why you came to this decision.  I will not accept you just telling me, "no I will not do this diet because it is stupid."  I want you to put some thoughts and words into your decisions.  The websites are provided below in Process Section Number 3.

4) Lastly you will have to look at your BMI and your eating and exercise habits and determine what you feel your health level is at right now.  I want you to list one strength that you have and one weakness that you have in determining your health.  In this section I want you to summerize what you learned from this assignment.


1) Define and calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and summarize the five weaknesses of the BMI Scale.  Source :

2) Start a profile on (there is a free app for smartphones that you can also use, if you have a smartphone)

3) Compare and contrast 2 diets out of the list below:  

The Atkins Diet

The Zone Diet 

Weight Watchers 

South Beach Diet 


The Paleo Diet

4) Use Microsoft Word to write the summary of what you learned from the project.  Be sure to explain your BMI along with how your diet might affect it, while also explaining one strength that you have with your diet/exercise and one weakness.  Be sure to write in complete sentences, and explain your answers with through thoughts.




Research Report : Chapter 6 Health Class

    Teacher Name: David Woodruff 

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

BMI found and defined-all 5 weaknesses are written about using full sentences
BMI found and defined-all 5 weaknesses are found but not analyzed-full sentences not used
BMI found-weaknesses not found-full sentences not used
Nothing completed
My fitness pal
All 5 days of food/exercise logged in and records kept-both print offs are included with the final project
All 5 days of food/exercise logged in and records kept-no print offs are included in the final project
Less then 5 days of food/exercise logged in and records kept
Profile on never made
Diet Analysis
2 Diets were selected-analyzed-strengths-weaknesses-cost if there is any-your opinion on the diet
2 diets were selected-analyzed-strengths-weaknesses-cost if any-no opinion given on the diet
2 diets were selected-minimal analyzation -no opinion given
No diets selected, no analyzation-no opinion
Analyze your health level-including your BMI, listing one strength and one weakness analyzed and explained-give a summary of what you learned
Analyze your health level-BMI listed, one strength listed/analyzed, one weakness listed/analyzed
BMI listed-one strength/weakness listed/analyzed
No summary attempted



Now that you have taken a look at your own body composition, your eating habits, exercise habits, and analyzed some diets you can put your knowledge to use.  Since you have gone through this process you can determine what will help you in starting a healthy diet.  You have done the hardest part of sifting through the information and now you can be better prepared for the future.